Why my Airtel dish is not able to receive signal

If you are not getting the signal in the DTH setup box of your Airtel, then what is the reason for this, let us know.

  • Why my Airtel dish is not able to receive signal from 9.55am to 10.15am?
  • no signal in airtel dth

Dth connection satellite
 Receives signals from
 To receive the signal, an antenna is placed on your roof with a small part in it, LNB Satellite
: By taking the signal, it reaches your TV box, which we also call the set top box in common language.

 Non-receipt of signal
 Copy of missing signal may be the reason
: Usually the problem that comes is the Wo Antenna law problem.

That means if your antennas are tampered with
Your DTH cannot connect to satellite
And no signal comes in your box

 Your TV will tell you what is the problem in your DTH, for this, you have to press the menu from the remote of your set top box and click in the signal button and if there you get the signal level and do not find it, I will give you both reasons here. I will tell
If your signal level is above 50
So you have 100% Antenna transaction problem.


If you are noisy that your dish antenna is correct, then check the wire from your setup box to the antenna.
In some cases, the connector on the wire you have is not installed correctly.
So if this is the case then you first check these connector
You can see the correct way to connect the connector in the picture below


 On pressing the menu from the remote of your setup box, an option appears, click on it to signal and check your signal level.
 If your signal level is zero to 90% of your wire problem
 Many times we remove the wire from the windows of our house, then by repeatedly closing the doors of the windows, our wire gets damaged.
 Often we remove the wire from the windows to get the wire from the antenna to the TV
Opening and closing the doors of windows causes our wire damage.
Check your wire


 If your set top box has a signal level zero, then your LNB may also be the reason if all the above
 If there are problems due to malfunction
 You can also watch our video to set up Airtel DTH, click this link for details.
: Click to take a new DTH connection

Many times our Airtel DTH does not receive signal for 1 hour or 2 hours, what is the reason for this
 Let me explain this by giving an example
 If we are getting 10000 signals in our DTH then
: As soon as the weather clouds come in between your dish and setlight, then your signal will reduce but TV📺 will not stop because your signal was 100℅ earlier.
 Now if your signal is already low
 So there will be no signal when cloud comes


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