how to E CAST in wezone 8007

how to E CAST in wezone 8007

 how to E CAST in wezone 8007 set top box wezone clan 8007 OR 8009 You need software to cast in set top box
You have to check the hardware version of your setup box, if your hardware version is 1506T, then only you install this software or else your set of box may be defective

How to install software

 First download the software from the link given below
 Move the software to the pen drive, then insert the pen drive into the USB port of your setup box.

 Setup box after all this
 Press the menu from the remote and go to upgrade, select USB and click on the software file and click on Start. Your software will start loading.
 After the software completes, your setup box will be closed and turned on.
 And your software will be updated

how to cast

E CAST means file transfer from mobile

With the help of E CAST, you can watch YouTube video website videos in your mobile's video photo audio TV
 Even if your tv is normal

 How to use E cast

First connect your mobile and your set top box to a WiFi router or mobile hotspot network
 Keep in mind that you have to connect these two to the same WiFi network.
 After that you have to press menu from the remote of your set box and click on ecast
 After clicking on ecast, there will be a qr-code show on your TV which you have to scan with your mobile's QR code scanner app.
 After scanning the QR code, a link will open in your mobile and clicking on it will download an app in your mobile.
: Open the app after downloading, your app will have four options Device website file remote
 The device will have a wifi ip address of your setup box
 If your wifi is showing, your set top box is connected to your mobile
 Second option comes website

After clicking on it you will see many website icons.
  If you click on YouTube, there will be a video show after playing them, you will see a small casting button, after clicking that button, your video will be played in your TV.
Next option file

 In the file you can cast any image audio video of your mobile.
 The way I told you how to cast YouTube

 After that you get the option of remote
 With this option you can control your TV from your mobile.
 We hope you got some benefit from the information.
 To watch the video you click on the link below